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Main background photo taken at holiday home "Finding Solace"


Sunrise at 1770 is a residential community unlike any other on Australia’s eastern seaboard.  Sunrise at 1770 joint Managing Directors, Michael Myer and Dellarose Swanson see the community as an opportunity to demonstrate how well planned environmental conservation management can work in close harmony with peoples’ desire to live within a virtually untouched coastal landscape, taking little from what exists in the region itself.


Of the 625 hectares that form “Sunrise”, 97.5% remains untouched by development, with three quarters of the land dedicated as a permanent nature conservation reserve.  This ensures that Sunrise’s vision will remain true forever.


Sunrise at 1770 rests along four kilometres of beachfront land.  National Park and Nature Reserves surround the Sunrise community on all sides, with residents having access to any one of six surf beaches where they can choose to swim, surf or wander along the beaches pure white sands. 


Two ocean side clubs form the epicentre of Sunrise's social gatherings, allowing patrons to gaze into the turquoise waters etching the coastlines of Springs and China Beach.


Club facilities include two twenty-five metre pools, children's shaded pool, tennis courts, changing and storage facilities, outdoor dining pavillions, barbeque facilities and direct beach access.