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Main background photo taken at holiday home "Finding Solace"


Some examples of successful conservation programs already undertaken or underway include:


  • Rehabilitation and preservation of rare vine forests

  • Turtle rookery conservation and management program for adjoining beaches is in place

  • Foreshore Pandanus community saved from a predatory insect

  • Clearing of native vegetation has been restricted to the bare minimum by agreement with the Department of Natural Resources and Mines and by the Community Management Statement

  • Minimal disturbance of the natural environment through efficient access and services infrastructure design

  • Transference of approximately three kilometres of coastal esplanade to the State.


The principal features of the services infrastructure include:


  • The primary water supply from rainwater tanks is topped up with potable water from the Reedy Creek Aquifer

  • All waste water is reclaimed and treated to provide a secondary water supply for toilet flushing, exterior domestic uses, car washing and fire fighting

  • A compulsory community car wash ensuring that all wastewater generated is reclaimed and prevented from entering the aquifer untreated

  • The sewerage reticulation system is fully pressurised to reduce the risk of leakage and to avoid unnecessary destruction of vegetation from the construction of gravity sewers in deeper trenches

  • A dark sky policy ensuring that turtles will not be deterred from using their rookeries on adjoining beaches