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Main background photo taken at holiday home "Finding Solace"


For many years it was thought that development had to be at the expense of the environment.  But there is growing recognition that we have to look beyond economic progress to protect future resources through ecologically sustainable development. The goal for Sunrise at 1770 is to be the best ecologically sustainable development in Australia, building a social and natural environment that:

  • places an emphasis on low density and low impact housing

  • has dedicated water management initiatives

  • promotes natural insulation and light

  • has leading waste management strategies

  • protects existing ecosystems

  • maximises community interaction

  • encourages shared open spaces.


Ecologically Sustainable Development principles have been used throughout the planning and design of the subdivisional works, the services infrastructure and the buildings.  Permanency of conservation objectives and measures is assured through the Reedy Creek Conservation Management Plan which applies to Sunrise at 1770 and to the whole of the Reedy Creek Conservation area.


These plans commenced implementation in 2001 and their continuation within Sunrise at 1770 is the responsibility of the Body Corporate and of the residents.  Together they will ensure that all key conservation values for Sunrise at 1770 and adjoining lands are preserved.