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Shaded children’s wading pool that is only 0.5m deep
The Springs Club | Sunrise at 1770 Holidays

Sunrise at 1770 is a residential community unlike any other on Australia’s eastern seaboard. The ideology behind its development strove to demonstrate how environmental conservation management can easily be implemented into modern, residential housing estates. So much so that humans can live within a virtually untouched coastal landscape, taking little from what exists in the region itself.

The estate is world-class, with two breathtaking, ocean-facing pool areas, allowing patrons to gaze into the turquoise waters etching the coastlines of Springs and China Beach. Club facilities include two twenty-five metre pools, children's shaded pool, tennis courts, volleyball court, basketball court, changing and storage facilities, outdoor dining pavilions with fridges and microwaves, barbecue facilities and direct beach access. Additionally, guests have access to the on-site car wash, a surf tour to check the swell and children's play ground.

A luxury home located in Agnes Water
1770 Accommodation | Sunrise at 1770 Holidays

Sunrise at 1770 rests along four kilometres of beachfront land. Deepwater National Park and Nature Reserves surround the Sunrise community on all sides, with guests enjoying access to any one of six surf beaches where they can choose to swim, surf or wander along the “Red Rock Trail” spanning from “Australia’s Best Beach” Springs Beach to Red Rock Beach.

Sunrise at 1770 Holidays came into being in mid July 2015, finally opening the gates to holiday guests. The leafy, tree-lined pathways, remarkable pool areas, privately appointed homes and panoramic ocean views are perfect for couples and families alike. Sunrise at 1770 enjoys the best of an Australian holiday, boasting natural wonders within a small-town, bohemian beach village setting. Untouched, lush bushland, pristine surf beaches, national parks for 4wd adventures, The Great Barrier Reef and an abundance of other exciting tours are available within Agnes Water and 1770.

The Sunrise estate takes pride in its botanical ecosystem, which comprises solely of plants endemic to Reedy Creek Reserve. An on-site botanist oversees the native nursery, which is bursting with natives propagated through local seed collection. The estate is protected from exotic species through strict by-laws, prohibiting domestic animals and non-native plants. The Sunrise staff are all passionate about our estate, and if you stop and chat you may learn some secrets pertaining to natural native medicine and delicious bush foods.

During your stay at Sunrise, you will likely encounter the following native residents - goannas, scrub turkeys, whiptail “pretty-face” wallabies, kangaroos, rock wallabies, possums, echidnas, microbats (so cute), sugar gliders. And too many bird species to count - bring a bird encyclopaedia and get spotting! If you are lucky, you may encounter emus, green tree snakes (harmless if untouched) and turtles laying/ hatching between December to April. Please don’t touch the turtles (mummies or hatchlings) or shine lights on them, they will spook and not lay/find their way to the water. Many on-site residents would be happy to give you a turtle talk if you would like to find out more. From May - September you will most likely see whales passing and breaching from the ocean facing properties. At Sunrise you are living amongst the wonders of nature, within luxurious, contemporary homes.

Sunrise at 1770 Holidays offers a rare luxury experience in a multiple award-winning Eco-estate. Book now and enjoy the anticipation of something special to come. Stay and create some unforgettable memories.