What to bring on holiday to Agnes Water

March 15, 2019 | Lavafall Admin

Travelling to Agnes Water? Depending on the accommodation you have booked for your stay, we recommend bringing the following items with you so that your adventure will be as well-equipped as can be.

1. Torch. If you are travelling during Summer, sometimes storms cause power outage. Although most holiday homes are well equipped, bringing a trusty torch with you is definitely a good idea. Also - if you have kids, murder in the dark is a great outdoor game to play in the evenings.

2. Insect repellant. Being close to the ocean, the breeze to Ocean Facing holiday homes in Sunrise usually blows away any bities. However, if you are travelling a few days after rain, and the wind is still - they might be about. RID is quite over the top - sometimes you can taste in your mouth after spraying it on your feet. The local markets in 1770 have some great suppliers of skin friendly moisturisers with natural repellants added. We recommend bringing repellant and incense-type sticks which burn citronella and natural repellants for outdoor areas (just be careful with embers).

3. Beach Towels, life jackets/ floaties, goggles, pool blow up toys, sunscreen, sunnies, hats, thongs, boogie boards. The pools at Sunrise are chlorinated, and nothing ruins a holiday more than a child with sore chlorine eyes after a day in the pool without goggles. Many places in town stock these items so if you forget, you are covered.

4. A good read or audiobook.

5. Coffee Machine. If you have a preference for specific beans/ brands/ flavours we recommend bringing your own portable machine. Our homes are stocked with sachets of organic free trade coffee, however instant is not everybody's bag. There is also some great coffee shops close to the sunrise estate - so don't forget your reusable coffee cup. 

6. Speaking of waste... Prior to your arrival plan your meals. So many holiday guests arrive to Agnes Water only to fill their trolleys with single use packets, fillers, snack items and plastic. And they spend a fortune! The more organised you are, the less waste you will generate and the more money you will save. Think about buying in bulk (especially meat) if you are a big group, plan every meal and enjoy having more money in your pocket to go out one night for dinner!

7. Bring reusable containers. Sometimes the holiday homes do not have many storage containers, it is helpful to bring some with you if you especially when you wish to take food back home with you at the end.

8. Hair dryer/ straightener - not every home provides these, and they may not be quite up to the standard you have at home. Otherwise beach hair is very acceptable in Agnes Water.

9. A "just in case it rains" plan. It doesn't rain very much in Agnes Water, however when it does it is best to have a plan, especially if travelling with kids. A board game, cards, books, headphones + audiobooks and some DVDs are always a great idea. But seriously, it never rains here. I wish it would.

10. Bring your best intentions. We have all been on holiday with somebody who made the energy miserable. Don't be that guy! Make the commitment to let small things slide, to choose joy and relish every minute of family time. Get excited about your holiday like a little kid. Most of our best childhood memories were those spent on holiday - if you are travelling with kids remember this trip will soon become their childhood memories. Enjoy the moment.